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Compression Boots

Air Relax uses the most advanced digitally controlled air pressure system to provide dynamic compression to limbs compromised by poor circulation.


Compression devices were once only for the exclusive use of patients with serious muscular and circulatory disorders such as lymphedema, venous insufficiency and P.A.D, and only available by prescription. Today, Recovery pumps and compression sleeves are used by sports teams, universities, physical therapists and professional athletes to treat their injuries and enhance their training.


Achieve outstanding result treating:

  • Venous insufficiency

  • Lymphedema

  • Sport injuries

  • Poor blood circulation

  • Other circulatory and peripheral vascular conditions

  • Rapid recovery


Most athletes are interested in reducing their recovery time following intense exercise or sporting events. Recent scientific studies have shown that lymphatic therapy provides physiological changes that indicate improved muscular recovery. The lymphatic system does not have a pump like the heart does. Air Relax delivers that natural sequential compression and flusher waste, which causes soreness and fatigue in the muscles.


"The Air Relax compression are my new favourite tool. After a 12 or 6-hour MTB race, I slide the sleeves on and let the air compression refresh my legs. A very simple to use machine that gets the job done and anyone can afford." - Robert Sandoval - Bike Sport Radio, Endurance Sport Athlete. ​

  • Maximizes the ability to refuel, re-hydrate, relax and recover

  • Helps to integrate effective daily recovery into training programs

  • Provides the competitive edge to reduce muscle fatigue

  • Boosts your performance and takes you to the next level


What exactly is Infrared heat? We have all experienced the following: It’s a partly cloudy day and you are outside and it feels cool. All of a sudden the clouds move out of the way of the sun and a rush of warmth comes over you. This warm feeling is the far infrared band of sunlight warming your body.


The far infrared band is part of the sun’s invisible spectrum of light. This band of light has the ability to penetrate our skin and warm our body directly. The far infrared heat produced by your Clearlight Sauna is totally safe as there are none of the harmful rays of sunlight produced by our heaters, just natural healing heat. In fact, this heat is so safe that is it used in hospitals to keep newborns warm.


Infrared rays are the healthiest, penetrate into your skin deeply and they dissolve harmful substances accumulated in your body. The Infrared Rays vitalize your cells and metabolism.


In an infrared sauna, the quality of the infrared heat is the most important factor in determining the benefits you will receive from that sauna. By combining carbon fibres and a ceramic compound in one heater, we have brought together the best of both worlds to give you the highest quality infrared heat imaginable.


The sauna models you see on our website have been in production since 2000 – they are tried and true. We believe our success comes from our combination of exceptional quality construction and the highest quality infrared heat specifically tuned to your body.




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