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Why Train with us?

Twelve or thirteen years ago when we began to train people in our gym at our home we set out with some basic goals. We wanted to genuinely help people using the knowledge we had. We also had a desire and a hunger to learn more about health, movement and how we work. We have consistently added more and more knowledge and experience through additional qualifications and learning.

This year alone I will start a Higher Diploma in Orthopaedic and Soft Tissue Therapy follow by an Advance Manipulative Therapy qualification. Over the last few years I have completed courses in Clinical Neurodynamics, Functional Release, Functional Range Conditioning and Kinstretch. All of these courses add to the ever growing knowledge available at our facility.

This huge base of knowledge and experience allows us to make our classes fun, challenging, safe and hugely effective. It's important to us that people enjoy there training. If training is a chore you won't last long enough to make long term changes. It also needs to be challenging and interesting otherwise we are just hamsters on a wheel and life is too short for that. Exercise needs to be safe and our knowledge and appreciation that not everyone moves well and our policy of not over booking classes gives us the opportunity and awareness to reduce training related injury.

Check out our class timetable here

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